Our Pennsic Encampment

Our Pennsic War encampment is located on block E-15, on the south side of Howard’s Fenway. We are usually the second door on the left, as you leave Brewers Road (turning at the stained glass ladies). If you reach the monestary, you’ve gone too far.

We welcome visitors, especially those who come bearing songs.

For those invited to camp with us

We have a centrally-located, family-friendly encampment. We are two blocks from Downtown Pennsic and only one block from the parties. Our encampment features a private shower with hot water, a shared fire circle, and the Not-So-Great Tent for general hanging out.

It’s up to you how you get fed. Some of us have a shared kitchen with meal plan. Others of us have a shared kitchen with no ability to plan. And some of us are happy to go to the food court or use our own stoves as needed.

Each person gets to keep 200 of their 250 square feet of allocated land. The other 50 is taken by the camp to allow for the fire circle, shower, and Not-So-Great Tent. Modest camp fees are assessed each year to pay for the firewood, the shower’s propane, and a minion. Volunteerism is appreciated for capital improvements between wars.

We are not enchanted ground; we like our solar panels.

Don’t be a turkey.