Our Activities

Bob, Sue, Igor, and Fevronia performing with voice and harp Photo by Cassair Warwick

Our largest gathering of the year is at the Pennsic War in the summer. We have a centrally-located encampment.

The second-largest gathering is our Mathom Party each winter. The name comes from Tolkien. A mathom is a trinket that’s too good to throw away but you don’t really need. It’s a good candidate for regifting, and that’s what we do. The Mathom Party is a regifting party.

Throughout the year, we hold other ad-hoc get-togethers. Singing is a popular activity. Madrigals and shapenote are popular styles with us. (Yes, shapenote is post-SCA-period, but it’s fun!)

We also love to cook and feed people; our unofficial motto is “jeet jet?” (“Did you eat yet?")

Photo by Cassair Warwick